Dr. Bob Posner, MD

Dr. Bob Posner, M.D. is a former decorated U.S Navy Physician and was interviewed to be the Physician to President Reagan before opting for private medical practice. Dr. Bob is a Diplomate of The American Board Of Internal Medicine. He attended medical school in Brooklyn, N.Y and then completed an internal medicine residency at Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Virginia. After his Navy career, Dr. Bob opened a private practice in Northern Virginia and over the past 30 years he has had the pleasure of seeing tens of thousands of people for primary care medicine as well as preventative services.

Dr. Posner researched, developed and patented oral serotonin supplementation and this became the proprietary feature of the medically-supervised Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program he founded. Over the past several decades, Dr. Posner has helped over 24,000 patients lose weight safely and effectively. His program has been embraced and expanded nationally to doctors in many other states.

Dr. Bob is an author of 3 books as well as being a national and international lecturer. Outside of medicine, he exercises daily, plays tennis and enjoys hikes with his wife Nataliya, a Yoga instructor, personal trainer and wellness coach.

Dr. Bob looks very forward to joining the great team of Renew Vitality and contributing in the quest to help men achieve higher levels of energy, longevity and health. He also is passionate about helping both men and women achieve much healthier and happier weights. In doing so, many co-morbidities of poor weight control, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, chronic pain and poor sexual performance can be avoided.


Internal Medicine Residency – Post-Medical School Residency
Naval Medical Center Portsmouth – Portsmouth, VA
Medicine and Surgery – M.D.
Downstate Medical Center – NY
Biochemistry – Bachelor of Science
State University of New York at Binghamton – Binghamton, NY